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Cute Nail Ideas Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 5 Tips

Cute Nail Ideas

Cute nail ideas that exist today have made much progress. This is a thing of joy for nail design arts lovers. The nail ideas had only played with just a single color. But now has been very different than before. People began to wonder how to create cute nail designs, whether for long nails or short nails. And their curiosity makes them continue to do some experiments, like combining more than 1 or 2 colors while they paint their nails and trying to create cute nail designs for short nails. It is a challenge for them to create something new in nail design art. Many nail polish brands have produced various colors within their products, which is their way of reaching out to the wider market. We need to keep trying to create something new to find some cute nail ideas.  


  The following are some examples of cute nail ideas that you can apply to your attractive nail designs:

Polka Dots nail designs

Polka Dots nail designs

This is one of the simple nail ideas and also so easy to do. You only need to prepare two different colors of nail polish. Paint your nails with the darker nail polish as a base, then wait until they dry. Then use the other color to apply some dots scattered around your nail in varying sizes. A simple polka dots idea has been painted on your nails.


Zebra nail designs 

Zebra nail designs 

Like polka dots, this kind of nail idea is very simple. This is frequently used to create cute nail designs for short nails. But there is no restriction for you to explore it with any other colors you love.


Stripe Pattern nail designs 

Apply two or more colors to make this kind of nail design, paint a few coats using nail polish as a background, then apply some stripe patterns with the different colors. You can apply the way horizontally or vertically, depending on your taste.


Fruits nail designs

Fruits nail designs

Here it is. You can create your cute nail ideas using fruits pattern while you paint your cute nails. Depending on your favorite fruit, you can apply some fruit patterns to your nails, and you will not believe that your nails will look pretty fresh and cute.. The colors that you need to apply are new green, red, and black (to paint some seeds upon the watermelon).


Animal nail designs

Being creative by applying the animal pattern on your cute nails is quite enjoyable. Animal’s pattern gives the impression of a mysterious person, brave, challenging, and wild. The animal pattern often used in nail design art is a tiger skin pattern, which is a beautiful pattern with a solid character.


Floral nail designs

Some women choose this pattern as their favorite pattern. These patterns describe their personal as feminine women, tender, spoiled, and full of love. And you can use this pattern as an option for realizing your cute nail ideas.


Gradation nail designs

Combining two different nail polish colors and then incorporating them into a color gradation is an excellent idea. Your creativity is challenged to create new cute nail ideas. You are making a perfect gradation pattern that requires sensitivity in color selection, patience, and diligence in combining those two colors.

Glamorous nail designs

For those who want to look glamorous, you can take some glitters and then put them on your base nail polish before it dries. Your cute nails will be sparkling after you are done. You can use this kind of cute nail idea when you are attending a party. Or, if you do not like glitter, you can replace them with pearl or gems ornament, so your cute nails will look shiny, especially when exposed to flashing lights.


Cute nail ideas will continue to evolve. In nail design art, there was never any restriction to creating a masterpiece. All objects around you or the particular event you face, such as a cartoon or idol characters, Charismas/Halloween/Valentine’s events, could be an inspiration for you to continue developing your cute nail ideas.



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